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Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio Salutes Institutional Racism

Each week under the Trump administration feels like a dog year by its conclusion, with its avalanche of warped misinformation. With such an unconventional figure as Donald Trump, it’s debilitating to witness the weekly bungling this administration manufactures. Seven months … Continue reading

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Tumultuous Week in TrumpTown

The esteemed fearless leader of these United States, our Cheeto Mussolini, had quite the week last week. From losing the vote on “Repeal & Replace,” to lying about the Boy Scouts, to weighing in with ‘fatherly wisdom’ on Don Jr.’s … Continue reading

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Trump’s Trouble with the Truth

Remember in grade school learning about the former presidents. There was a mythical quality surrounding young George Washington and his escapade of chopping down a cherry tree. He could never tell a lie. My how times have changed. Now we … Continue reading

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Election Day 2016 Mercifully Has Arrived

Talk about election fatigue. There has not been a presidential race in the past 50 years with less enthusiasm for who wins than the current referendum on who the electorate feels is least awful to serve as chief executive for … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Governor Needed To Run Kentucky

Democrats in Kentucky have a problem. Jack Conway, their candidate for governor, is not exactly likable. Democrats On primary election day in May, Conway was up 11 percentage points, 48 to 37 over the Republican nominee Matt Bevin. That lead … Continue reading

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Been A Strange End To 2014

The year coming to a close this evening never really did slow down for me, so it seems fitting that 2014 had a particularly hectic ending. Much of the polarization 2014 held had to do with my work at the … Continue reading

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McConnell “Rimracked” in Debate with Kentucky Senate Challenger

Tonight the good people of Kentucky were given their one and only chance to see the two candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat in the Commonwealth square off against each other in a debate. Both Alison Lundergan Grimes and … Continue reading

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