Election Day 2016 Mercifully Has Arrived

Talk about election fatigue. There has not been a presidential race in the past 50 years with less enthusiasm for who wins than the current referendum on who the electorate feels is least awful to serve as chief executive for America.

Considering females make up over half the voting population, one might think there should be considerable enthusiasm for the first female candidate running for major party office, but Hillary Clinton’s questionable decision making has thrown a wrench into all that. Her usage of a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State, along with using the Clinton Foundation as some skewed clearinghouse for pay-to-play contributions concerning Bill, Hillary, or for other access-related patronage activities, has mucked up what could have been a coronation for the ultimate power couple.

There remain obscured questions about the ultimate motives behind all these activities, but it appears the Clinton’s generally continue to suffer from an amazing sense of entitlement. They never have seemed to believe that the rules for everybody else apply to them as well. The Clinton Foundation does do amazing and admirable humanitarian work. That doesn’t mean it can also serve as a personal ATM machine for its benefactors.

That being said, considering every eligible human being available, it’s unfathomable that the Republican Party somehow arrived at Donald Trump being the best candidate it could find to run for its party’s presidential nominee. Talk about sad.

Being from Kentucky, home to Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republican obstructionist-in-chief, I do fully appreciate the legislative gridlock that has paralyzed the country’s political process. It’s criminal that a Supreme Court justice died in February and there still hasn’t been a hearing held on filling that vacancy, even though a more than adequate nominee has been put forward by President Obama.

I get peoples’ frustration with Washington. Regardless of the political party controlling the White House or Congress, the individual lives of the electorate never improves. Manufacturing jobs are exported from American shores; zero accountability was placed on big banks after the 2009 financial crisis; our infrastructure system is crumbling; terrorism; climate change; stagnant wages; and dwindling employment in the fossil fuel industry are but some of the weighty ills seeking solutions. Both parties could have expelled special interest interference in politics by voting for campaign finance reform, but the powers that be consciously choose to maintain the current corrupt system.

Life is far more complicated these days from what it was 50 years ago –  but that doesn’t mean we turn our backs on moral imperatives, decency, respect and the American way.

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