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Sen. Rand Paul and the Southern Avenger Part Company

It took Kentucky’s junior Republican senator, Rand Paul, two long weeks to realize it was best to part ways with staffer Jack Hunter after it was learned he was a former pro-secessionist radio commentator, who wore a Confederate flag mask … Continue reading

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JJ Cale is headed for an “After Midnight” Appearance

We lost a guitar legend Friday – a musician’s musician in JJ Cale, who passed away at a La Jolla, Calif. hospital after suffering a heart attack. He was 74. Cale is one of those strange enigmas within popular music. … Continue reading

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Stand Your Ground With Trayvon Martin

I respect the jury’s decision in finding George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder or manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The fault in this tragedy isn’t with the court case or the verdict. It’s our … Continue reading

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Forecastle Music Festival Hits Louisville

Finally I am recovered, rested, and back in my groove from going to see Forecastle two weeks back. I only went to the Saturday shows, but had friends in town Thursday through Tuesday, which had me in entertainment mode. The event … Continue reading

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The Race is on for Sen. McConnell’s Seat in Kentucky

It took three long, speculative months, and actress Ashley Judd declining the opportunity to run, but Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell finally has a legitimate opponent in his bid for re-election next year. Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes, the commonwealth’s secretary of … Continue reading

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New Mix, “Kill Switch,” Burned for July 4th

It can rain all it wants on this July 4th holiday, it’s still fabulous to be chilling at home on a Thursday, watching bad television and doing some writing. One thing I’d been wanting to do for a minute was … Continue reading

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Amazing Eats at Havana Rumba in Louisville

After doing some enthusiastic consumption of bourbon at the Garage Bar, it was time to do some serious eating. I had already pushed our reservation back once by phone from the patio. It was such a nice night out and … Continue reading

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Whiskey at the Garage Bar

I had friends in town from Washington, DC, last weekend, who were visiting family in Fort Knox. Karen and Travis needed a night out in civilization, and Maia and I definitely were ready for a moment away from our parental … Continue reading

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