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Social Media Thunderclap Announces Enhanced kynect Mobile App Release

Things do change. So much for press releases and newspaper stories. kynect announced the newest edition of its mobile phone app recently with a social media thunderclap. If you don’t know what a thunderclap is, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone… … Continue reading

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Been A Strange End To 2014

The year coming to a close this evening never really did slow down for me, so it seems fitting that 2014 had a particularly hectic ending. Much of the polarization 2014 held had to do with my work at the … Continue reading

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A New Year Brings Health Care to Thousands

As 2013 comes to a conclusion and a new year emerges, there’s more than midnight kisses and champagne toasts to celebrate this time around – 2014 also brings with it access to affordable health care coverage for thousands of Kentuckians … Continue reading

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Despite Republican House Votes, Obamacare Already Showing Benefits

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have been at it again. Over the past two weeks Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), along with their happy band of miscreants, have voted not once, but twice, … Continue reading

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Daddy Llama Re-enters the Workforce

The big news this past week was that The Llama has returned to the steady-scheduled world of the full-time employed. Say it ain’t so I know, but it’s true. It has been a long haul since grad school to reach … Continue reading

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House Republicans Vote to Deny Health Care Benefits to 30-million Americans

In a purely symbolic gesture, Congressional Republicans failed for the 33rd time to repeal President Obama’s health care reform legislation on Wednesday. The vote, which passed the House 244 to 185, was designed to signify a Republican resolve to do … Continue reading

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No Mitt Romney you don’t deserve credit just for showing up. You are running for president. Giving speeches is part of the job description. Usually if you are trying to make the argument that you intend to represent “ALL” racial … Continue reading

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