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Budgetary Sequestration to Further Marginalize Republican Party

I find it brazenly stupid that after the Republican Party had its ass handed to it in the 2012 election cycle, it now wants to give the high hat to President Obama by failing to compromise on deficit reduction, thus … Continue reading

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2013 Oscars Fall Flat

Kentucky scored some love last night during the 85th Academy Awards, with Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence taking home the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Sure Jennifer took a stumble ascending the steps to receive her … Continue reading

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“The Devil’s Double” Registers on the Creepy Meter

I watched a fairly disturbing, yet thoroughly entertaining movie Saturday entitled “The Devil’s Double.” It is a biographical adaptation of how in 1987, Uday Hussein, the eldest son of Saddam Hussein, selected an Iraqi soldier to become his body double … Continue reading

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Eight Masked Gunmen Steal $50 Million in Diamonds from Swiss-bound Plane

On Monday $50 million in precious stones was pilfered from the hold of a Zurich-bound plane without a shot ever being fired. This was a once in a generation kind of rip. “What we are talking about is obviously a … Continue reading

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Maker’s Mark Misses Target

I have been a member of the Maker’s Mark ambassador program for over a decade, which means I was fond of bourbon at far too young an age, and I drink a bit of it. Bourbon drinkers are funny, in … Continue reading

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I’ve been chomping down on books lately, trying to get some off my list. I didn’t always make the best use of time during my formative years, and missed reading several pieces of literature I should have digested eons ago. … Continue reading

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New Tunes for Winter Warmth

I’ve been burning the midnight oil for a couple weeks now on a project, and needed to blow the jams out to give my cranium a break – so I made a new mix. Kind of a “fuck a bunch … Continue reading

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SHOW ALERT: * Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears hook it up tonight in Lexington at Cosmic Charlies. Hailing from Austin, TX, these guys are a combination of blues, funk and soul. They are a gratuitously fun show to catch. … Continue reading

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Radiohead Feeling the Squeeze

With winter temperatures dropping last night, it was the perfect opportunity to stay inside where it was warm, and watch “Meeting People Is Easy,” the 1998 rockumentary on Radiohead. It follows the lads around the globe as they tour extensively … Continue reading

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