Tumultuous Week in TrumpTown

The esteemed fearless leader of these United States, our Cheeto Mussolini, had quite the week last week. From losing the vote on “Repeal & Replace,” to lying about the Boy Scouts, to weighing in with ‘fatherly wisdom’ on Don Jr.’s Russian cover-up story. Daddy Trump cut a swath of destruction through the White House.

The Republican failure to pass health reform was especially embarrassing. I wonder if it even registers in TrumpTown that perhaps if the Orange-One had not denigrated the brave military service of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), he wouldn’t have so enthusiastically cast the decisive “NO” vote.

Seven-plus years of Republicans whining about repeal and replace. Seven years of how their plan would cover more people at a lower cost and they had nothing prepared. It was supposed to be easy Republicans said. You would think at least one of them might have etched some ideas down on the back of a napkin.

The Black Death drew higher approval ratings than the Senate Republican health care bill. With $750 billion in cuts to Medicaid and 22 million booted off medical coverage, it leads one to assume Republicans are uninterested in providing health coverage to the old, poor, or infirm.

Those statistics are not going to endear Sen. Murkowski (R-AK) or Sen. Collins (R-ME), so definitely it was politically astute for the president to double down and threaten Lisa Murkowski. That ensured a big “NO” vote.

It’s painful to watch the party of “NO” stumble in the dark while failing to govern with its impotent Republican majority.

You know who really isn’t digging this exposure – Mitch McConnell. The Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky has made a career of staying out of the limelight, sagely working behind the scenes to reach bipartisan passage of measures.

Mitch had no choice but to force members to record their votes as a means to document the fracture in the Republican Party, and demonstrate Trump’s diminishing influence.

Still this wall-to-wall failure had “The Turtle’s” name splashed all over it for weeks. The dysfunction of the Republican Senate wore no clothes. Political polarization and special interest money poisoned the well of compromise.

McConnell as the Republican standard-bearer and chief cheerleader for the “pull it out root and branch” crowd, was made to look old and outside his comfort zone.

No one wants to be the face of this failure. It will linger like the putrid fragrance from a rotting carcass around the necks of Republican leadership and Trump, as their next agenda item of tax reform was placed in peril. Without the draconian budget cuts to Medicaid, Trump doesn’t have the necessary cash to offset his tax cuts for the wealthy.

Complicating all matters continues to be the incessant backdrop of self-inflicted wounds by Trump and his clown posse. Tweeting, leaking and lying. Like drug addicts, they can’t quit, telling lies about the most mundane subjects.

Trump lied on the Boy Scouts; advised law enforcement to rough up suspects; tweeted an about-face on military transgender policy; bankrolled attack ads on Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV); and lampooned U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions via every avenue.

Sure, it was all jokes…good fun, lies and poor judgement. That’s humorous if we were talking about a long Saturday night out on the town, but not when applied to governing the United States.

Let’s not forget Scaramucci. Eleven days brother, we hardly knew ya! He came in as the bagman for the Spicer/Priebus hits, only to earn an execution of his own for burning too bright. That’s Mafia-style justice. Everybody involved gets whacked, loose ends are tied, and no one is left to talk.

Problem is the Trump White House doesn’t know how to shut up. It keeps a secret about as well as those levees kept water out of New Orleans.

The Trumpster is at the root of his administration’s backbiting and infighting that has already led to an impressive body count stacking up outside this White House.

“Gen. John Kelly, come on down! You’re the next contestant on ‘Trump Is Right!'”

“I’ll take ‘Obstruction Of Justice’ for $500 please.”

“Outstanding selection Mr. Chief of Staff. Good luck! What happens when our sitting president knowingly crafts fake news to cover why Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort met with a slew of Russian government operatives in Trump Tower?

That is correct Mr. Chief of Staff, correct you are, impeachment-and-prosecution!”

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1 Response to Tumultuous Week in TrumpTown

  1. eurobrat says:

    Hahaha…as depressing as it’s been to have Trump in office, watching this administration come unglued has been hilarious. And all the right wing talk hosts exploding in fury over the failed repeal…so much schadenfreude!

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