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Justin Cronin’s “The Passage” Shakes the Foundation

This book was published in 2010, debuting at #3 on the New York Times best-seller list, and is part of a trilogy that is still being written. “The Passage” takes a look at the fall of civilization after scientists and the … Continue reading

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Beatles-Compatriot Ravi Shankar Passes Away

On December 11th, world music virtuoso Ravindra “Ravi” Shankar passed away. He was a robust 92-years old. I by no means am a huge sitar fan, but appreciate his abilities, kindness and influence. I mainly know Shankar because of the … Continue reading

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American Decency Lowered Another Notch in Aftermath of Sandy Hook

I’m still having trouble processing the Sandy Hook shootings. I cannot imagine how horrible this must be for the parents and families involved. I was listening to an old mix tape today when out popped a staple from 1982, “I … Continue reading

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Romney Snags Biggest Lie and Best Quote of 2012

In a year consumed by partisan politics, it is no surprise to see the biggest lie told and the best quote of 2012 both came from the bitterly contested presidential race. Not coincidentally these unfortunate distinctions belong to failed Republican … Continue reading

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WEEK 20 (December 10-December 16) No workouts this week. Total Running Miles: 0 Weight: 192 (-18.4 lbs.) Training Days Remaining: 15 Notes: I had to move last Sunday and I’m still getting stuff out of the old place, into the new … Continue reading

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Friday morning Adam Lanza, a 20-year old resident of Newtown, Connecticut had a problem, and he decided to settle it by shooting his mother in the face, and then went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he murdered 20 children … Continue reading

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WEEK 19 (December 03-December 09) Monday: D/O Tuesday: Weight Machine Workout; 2.3-Mile Run (Treadmill) Wednesday: 3.7-Mile Run (Treadmill); Racquetball Thursday: Three reps each of Teaser/V-up/Straight-leg twisting crunch/Seated criss-cross/Ankle-weighted reverse crunches/3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag; Yoga @ YMCA Friday: D/O Saturday: Three … Continue reading

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