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Former Trump Strategist Nunberg Goes Off Deep End

The face of fear was on full display Monday, as ex-Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg, opted to take his mental breakdown public over being subpoenaed by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about his time working for Donald Trump. From late morning … Continue reading

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17 Shot Dead at High School in South Florida

On Valentine’s Day in Parkland, FL, a troubled 19-year old took an Uber to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire with an assault rifle, murdering 17 people. This came two weeks after a 15-year old killed two … Continue reading

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Trump Declassifies Rep. Nunes Memo to Help Obstruct Russian Investigation

President Donald Trump today declassified and released a summary memo authored by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) against the recommendations of the FBI, Justice Department and the greater intelligence community – in an attempt to refute the legitimacy of damaging information … Continue reading

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Two Students Killed in Kentucky High School Shooting

As students were milling about in the commons area before classes began at Marshall County High School last Tuesday, a 15-year old classmate entered with a handgun and methodically opened fire, killing two and injuring 18. One child, 15-year old … Continue reading

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Trump’s 1-Year Anniversary Celebrated with Government Shutdown

As the holidays passed with relative peace in Trumptown, it was thought the country might ease into the New Year leading up to the administration’s one year anniversary on Jan. 20. We all could have used a lengthy break from … Continue reading

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Southern Rebel Tom Petty Passes Away into the Great Wide Open

Several prominent musical legends passed away in 2017. Of note were Gregg Allman, Walter Becker, Chuck Berry, Glenn Campbell, Chris Cornell, and Fats Domino – but it was losing Tom Petty that hit closest to my heart. Petty, the highway … Continue reading

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From Affleck to Weinstein, Floodgates open in 2017 for Victims of Sexual Harassment

As 2017 has now exited let us all take a group exhale and attempt to relax as we bid farewell to this tumultuous year. Unfortunately, unlike a bad hangover, the nation can’t simply slam a bottle of Pedialyte and hope … Continue reading

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