Katz's Deli, NYC

Hi, my name is Peter Wilson, and welcome to the Urban Llama — a site dedicated to the eternal question of “what is next?” I’m always looking for an adventure, whether urban or rural, and have a curiosity to peek into dark corners for what might be lurking.

The Llama often travels under the dark of night, which obscures the easier path, but that makes finding any hidden treasure all the sweeter.

I live in Frankfort, Kentucky, which is the state capital, and where I grew up. They play a mean brand of college basketball in these parts, the bourbon is the best in the world and the thoroughbred horse racing industry is headquartered here.

I decided to come back to Kentucky after getting divorced to be near my family and lead a simpler life. I was born in Lexington, 30 miles down the road. I’ve also lived in Iowa City, IA, Washington, DC, and New Orleans (twice).

New Orleans is a strange bird for me. This gothic-soaked city is full of pirates, vampires and miscreants. It has never made sense to me but I always come back for more.

I was there for Hurricane Katrina – left because of the bleak aftermath, but returned once again upon completing graduate school. The aroma of fresh boiled seafood, clubs that never close, brass horns ringing in the distance, and the sublime pleasure of “to-go” beverages being a few of the reasons the Big Easy is so beguiling.

Regardless of the location, I’ll often talk about food, drink, and where to catch the hottest bands. My musical taste runs from local favorite My Morning Jacket, to New Orleans stalwarts like the Rebirth Brass Band, Galactic, and Trombone Shorty, to the Black Keys, the White Stripes and Radiohead, with psychedelic sounds from the Grateful Dead, Gov’t Mule and Widespread Panic sprinkled in for good measure.

As for cuisine, I’m all about a fancy dinner out (you can dress The Llama up), but my passion is in finding the ultimate comfort food. Whether that’s Willie Mae’s fried chicken in New Orleans, Gus’s in Memphis, ribs from the Twin Anchor in Chicago, a chili-cheese half smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC, Moonlite Bar-B-Q in Owensboro, or pastrami on rye from Katz’s Deli in NYC, (as seen above) – highbrow or lo-country, The Llama hits it all.

My educational background is in political science and journalism. I take a vested interest in the political landscape, so chances are we’ll share some conversations about public affairs and current events. I’m also a freelance journalist, so wherever my current assignment takes me, The Llama is always along for the ride.

We’ll travel, visit a few museums, hit some bourbon tastings, tour the gun shows, and even do a little cooking – it’s entertainment galore. The Llama is a renaissance creature, and constantly seeks enlightenment.

As the good doctor once wisely proclaimed, “Buy a ticket, take the ride.”

3 Responses to About

  1. Sretta says:

    Hi stranger! Great to hear from you after all these years. New Orleans – wow, I am planning a vacation there next summer. Tell me all the best places to eat and things to see. How have you been? Catch me up on all the highlights of your life. Love the llama – very cool:)

  2. One more comment. My middle son traveled with Galatic for a few years as their sound engineer, then with Kenny Wayne Sheperd, now he’s in Europe with The Black Angels.
    Poke around on You Tube/David Letterman-Black Angels…..you’ll get a kick out of it!
    Oh BTW I love Guitar Shorty also…he plays The Sheds and we traveled to France with him for the “From Shed to Chediny” Blues Festival. We had a youth blues competition and the winners won a weeks all expense paid vacation to Chediny to play at the festival.

  3. L June Browning says:

    Did you already have the llama name idea before the “Llama Party” logo my son-in-law came up with??? LOL!!! Cool 😎

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