Budgetary Sequestration to Further Marginalize Republican Party

Chief obstructionists in charge, from left: Wynken (Mitch McConnell), Blynken (John Boehner, and Nod (Eric Cantor).

Chief obstructionists in charge, from left: Wynken (Mitch McConnell), Blynken (John Boehner, and Nod (Eric Cantor).

I find it brazenly stupid that after the Republican Party had its ass handed to it in the 2012 election cycle, it now wants to give the high hat to President Obama by failing to compromise on deficit reduction, thus allowing $85 billion in automatic spending cuts to take effect.

President Obama and Mitt Romney vigorously debated the question of how best to move America forward during the 2012 general election, and voters convincingly sided with the incumbent’s proposed solution.

There isn’t a respectable accounting or budgetary agency that believes the United States can hit its deficit reduction number by only cutting spending or by only raising taxes.

It was Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and his crew that tacked this sequestration language onto the failed agreement by a joint congressional committee, which was unable to find $1.2 trillion in cuts.

Romney and Ryan double-talked throughout the whole campaign about closing some theoretical tax loopholes, but refused to identify any specifically, because they don’t want business to pay its fair share.

They’re not going to say it, but Republicans want the burden of debt left upon the individual, so big business can continue to reap its unjust rewards.

President Obama has put forth more than a fair compromise measure. It balances significant cuts in spending with moderate revenue increases from raising taxes on the wealthy and closing some favorable tax loopholes on businesses.

It is absolute crap that Republicans want to declare that allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire qualifies as agreed to revenue increases.

Those tax cuts were irresponsible to begin with and should never have been instituted considering America was fighting two wars. Plus allowing those to expire was part of the Democrat’s argument during the election.

This was voted on nationally and a majority of Americans agreed with it.

The Republicans just don’t want to give Obama another victory, for fear it would build momentum, and further harm its party’s prospects in the 2014 mid-term elections.

This is the exact same gamesmanship and flawed strategy that showed Americans the Republicans were not fit to hold the White House or control the U.S. Senate.

President Obama has noted that these automatic cuts are akin to a “meat-cleaver approach” that will result in harming the nation’s military preparedness and will chop federal spending in areas of education, medical research and energy.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has already insisted he would not join in any last-minute efforts to stop the cuts.

The problem with the current Republican leadership is they are either too stupid or such poor sports that they refuse to recognize they lost.

This is one more example of the cowardly nature and low principles governing the current Republican Party.

They don’t want to negotiate or compromise. They say they do, but Republicans have no interest in sitting down at a table and hammering out a solution that is best for America.

The only card the GOP has to play is obstructionism. They already have shown a lack of compassion and understanding for minorities, women, young people or those with alternative lifestyles.

There aren’t enough 40 and older white males left to support the party’s master race plan, so the best idea Speaker Boehner, R-Oh., Minority Leader McConnell and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., can come up with is to allow these forced cuts and hope that the economy and unemployment becomes bad enough that people will forget the election results and look to Republicans to try and repair the damage they are responsible for causing.

That’s just fucked up flawed thinking, and so narcissistic. The Republicans are again only thinking of themselves, instead of considering what is best for America.

In Kentucky alone, there are projections of 21,484 job loses; $20.1 million will be cut from the budget of the Army National Guard and Reserve; $7.7 million in medical research grants would disappear; and $2.1 million would be cut from early childhood care.

I suppose if Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Sen. McConnell want to wear placards around their necks that say they supported those kinds of destructive cuts then go for it.

I wouldn’t want to be the poor legislative correspondents in their offices that have to field the angry phone calls and letters.

McConnell is up for re-election next year.

Rumor is actress and Kentucky Wildcat faithful Ashley Judd is giving serious consideration to challenging ol’ sourpuss.

Sitting by and allowing these sequestration cuts to be actualized is quite a gamble by McConnell.

We’re talking firemen, teachers, police, and defense workers who are going to lose jobs, and money that goes to child care and government-funded social programs that will be lost.

It blows my mind that Republicans want to be the party that victimized the defenseless, first responders, and our troops.

I guess it’s like that “family values” propaganda. Republicans are all about preaching a good game until they actually have to practice.

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