WEEK 19 (December 03-December 09)

Monday: D/O

Tuesday: Weight Machine Workout; 2.3-Mile Run (Treadmill)

Wednesday: 3.7-Mile Run (Treadmill); Racquetball

Thursday: Three reps each of Teaser/V-up/Straight-leg twisting crunch/Seated criss-cross/Ankle-weighted reverse crunches/3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag; Yoga @ YMCA

Friday: D/O

Saturday: Three reps each of Sit-ups/Push-ups/6″/Extreme/Medicine ball reverse crunches; 3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag; AB Ball routine; Free-weight workout; 4.5-Mile Run (Treadmill)

Total Running Miles: 10.5

Weight: 189.6 (-20.8 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 22

Notes: Good exercises this week. It was excellent to be back running. My ankle was a tad sore at the beginning of each run, but quickly worked its way into a comfortable feeling. The cross-training must have done some good.

My abs were strong and I made advancements in reps for each move in all sets.

I had hoped to get in a Sunday workout, and in a way I did, but unofficially, because it was moving day. We lifted and carried all day. I did sweat a ton, but we ate donuts in the morning and a mess of barbecue for lunch – so not sure how that all worked out, but my weight was good come Monday.

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