Toro Mower Steps Up to Double Lot Challenge

The logistics of getting a family packed up and moved is enough to fill several “To-Do” lists. Cutting the new yard once moved was not one of my immediate concerns. We moved in Oct. 2019. The mowing season was over.

It was March 2020 when the lawn became a problem. The house sits on a corner double lot. The front yard isn’t so bad, but the back is sizable. Not something one would want to use a push mower on.

I wasn’t sure what I needed, but the time had come to find out.

I poked around online to see makes and models, then went to Lowe’s to look in person. I failed to receive the feedback that any of the Craftsmen were the way to go. The Husqvarna brand and some of the Honda models might have worked. There are a lot of questionable brands out there to sift through, but if you have a larger yard, it requires a machine that is built to last and can stand up to the punishment of weekly usage.

This got me looking at what the contractors were hauling on their trailers through my neighborhood. It was eXmark, which I learned was the contractor-level machines for the Toro line of products.

The only folks in Frankfort that carry Toro are Lyon’s Lumber Co. This is a local, family-run retailer that has been in business since 1909. Lyon’s has a full-service lumber yard, hardware store and specialty outdoor equipment location. This last one is where I was headed.

At Lyon’s there is a modest selection of brands, and with good reason, the ones they offer last. It may cost a little bit more up front, but each will serve a homeowner well in terms of longevity, routine upkeep and repairs.

Most of this store was well above my head in terms of seriousness. I just needed a solid self-propelled unit that was a home warrior. Customers I saw at Lowe’s had told me I would want a riding mower the minute I finished cutting my yard once. I didn’t care. I could use the exercise. Besides the zero turns start at around $2,000. I’m not there yet.

In my price range, the best unit I saw hands down was the Toro Super Recycler (#20382). This had a 21″ cast-aluminum deck and the upgrade to a Honda GCV 160cc engine. Toro backs the product with a 5-year full warranty.

It retailed for $669, and I paid $569.

The auto-choke and easy pull ignition start the engine on a single try. The Toro is light and maneuverable. Yet mows strong and walks at a steady pace, free flowing. Takes me about two hours to complete my front and back yards.

A water port on the deck allows garden hose access for easy below deck and blade cleanup.

My advice, listen to the lawn care experts. Buy a Toro.

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