A Pioneer Breakfast Sandwich that Steals the Show

This is the sit-down version of the Pioneer, with two poached eggs on English muffin halves.

With the weekend upon us, I thought some sort of breakfast treat might come in handy. It’s customary at our house on either Saturday or Sunday, if not both, to cook up a hefty brunch once everyone is awake to fuel the day ahead. Often it consists of the usual fare, waffles, pancakes, or maybe French toast, all are favorite menu items. Pair any of those with a side of bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs, and add in hash browns if we’re feeling particularly famished.

The Big Breakfast is awesome if all we’re doing is hanging around the house for the day, but it’s not the best selection if there are items on the ‘To Do’ list needing attention. Trying to get kids to eat, eat, eat, and out the door will not go quickly when syrup is involved. It’s sticky, messy and when the sugar hits their little systems – all bets are off.

I cut a deal with my 5-year old Saturday morning that if we could get her clothes and shoes on fast, and out the door to her friend’s birthday party, I would make her something tasty for the ride. This breakfast sandwich worked famously as something satisfying, that is simple to make, fills up a hungry appetite and isn’t messy.


Ingredients: 2 slices of pepper bacon; 1 extra-large egg; sprinkle of onion powder; sprinkle of garlic powder; sprinkle of chives; sprinkle of black pepper; dash of salt;  1 English muffin; 1 tablespoon of butter; 1 slice Colby-Jack cheese (kick it up a notch with pepper jack).

Cut each bacon slice in half and sauté the four pieces in a frying pan till browned.

Microwave egg poacher.

As the bacon cooks, poach an egg. I use a microwave safe single poacher. Spray the inside with non-stick cooking spray (vegetable oil or butter in the bottom will work fine).

Crack egg directly into poacher. Sprinkle raw egg with onion powder, garlic powder, chives, black pepper and salt. Microwave egg one minute at 60 percent of power level. If you are going mobile with this, it’s best to be sure the yoke is fully cooked, otherwise adjust the microwave cook time down to 50 seconds.

Slice the English muffin in half and toast till light brown. When done, brush both halves with butter. Place half slice of cheese on bottom half of English muffin. Add two pieces of pepper bacon to cheese and top with poached egg.

Add the remaining two pieces of pepper bacon to top of egg. Put the last half of Colby-Jack cheese over the pepper bacon, placing the top half of the English muffin over the entire sandwich. It’s not a bad thing to then microwave the sandwich for 20 seconds on high, just to warm it up and melt the cheese slightly.

Wrap the Pioneer Breakfast Sandwich in a paper towel and you have plenty of fuel for the adventure ahead.

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