Food Trucks at Work Picnic Make for Pleasant Wednesday

As the saying goes, there are no free lunches, but at least I didn’t have to pack one for Wednesday. As a small gesture of thanks for the long hours and anxiety recently visited upon my workplace, NTT Data Consulting, Inc. was kind enough to arrange for two food trucks to come by our Preston Highway location in Louisville and feed the peckish staff.

There’s nothing like a big dose of comfort food to calm nerves and ground one to endure the back side of a long week. On tap for the main course was The Kentucky Taco Company, while Sweet-N-Savory Lou provided dessert options.

After a brief town hall celebrating the wonderfulness of our staff’s efforts to achieve certain stated goals, down to the side parking lot I went at 11:15 with my allotted blue and yellow tickets in hand. Two tacos were allowed and I quickly made that call.

Fried chicken is always welcomed, but offer it soaked in buttermilk and hot sauce before frying, nestled on a bed of Mac+Beer Cheese, topped with pickles and smoked ranch tomatillo sauce, all wrapped together in a warm flour tortilla, and I’m your huckleberry.

An obvious second selection was the shredded BBQ Chicken Taco, served over coleslaw, topped with pickles & smoked ranch tomatillo sauce. Another popular offering was the Sloppy Joe Taco, and there was the vegan-friendly BBQ Sweet Potato Taco.

Even though we were deployed in waves to descend upon the purveyors, it was a robust 45 minutes standing on asphalt out in the July sun to get through the line to place an order and pick that sucker up before retreating back inside climate control. I’m happy to report that no one melted.

A couple of us put a solid strategy into play. After placing our entrée orders we visited the dessert cart. At Sweet-N-Savory Lou there were options such as a strawberry and banana smoothie, or various flavors of chilled gelato to choose from, both appealing selections on such a hot day. But the crepes sold themselves at first sight.

Each paper-thin circular pancake was freshly prepared, with a choice of sliced strawberries or bananas to go in the middle, and a drizzle of either white chocolate or Nutella. I had to go with the banana & Nutella. It rocked!

With dessert in hand, it was a mere five minutes later my number was called at The Kentucky Taco Company for pick-up. I must say both tacos were hefty. The BBQ Chicken Taco had a distinct weight when picked up. There was no getting gypped with this baby. The barbecue sauce could have used a slight bit more pop perhaps, but it mixed beautifully with the smoked ranch tomatillo sauce.

The Fried Chicken Taco might not have tipped the scale equally, but it had a denseness. The chicken and tomatillo sauce mixed sublimely with the Mac+Beer Cheese. This meal also came with a side, so I felt obliged to get a serving of the standout Mac+Beer Cheese. It was serious stuff.

All was tasty. Staying awake after such a lunch turned out to be the biggest challenge for the remainder of the afternoon. Many thanks to The Kentucky Taco Company and Sweet-N-Savory Lou for coming to our location, and to NTT for hooking up its stressed out employees.

The Kentucky Taco Company | Twitter or Instagram @KyTaco | 405.459.8226

Sweet-N-Savory Lou | Twitter or Instagram @SweetNSavoryLou | 502.609.7072

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