Trump Fires Comey Amid Russia Ties Probe

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States. That is becoming more evident day-by-day as the current president sees his faltering leadership decay. The current firestorm enveloping his presidency was ignited Tuesday when Trump haphazardly fired the director of the FBI, James Comey.

That was a peculiar move in and of itself considering Comey’s stature as the lead law enforcement officer in America, and his pivotal role in delivering a Trump victory last November by announcing the Hillary Clinton case was being reopened 11 days out from the election.

The cover story from the White House is Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who has been in office like two weeks, submitted a memo to the president advocating Comey’s termination in relation to his handling of the Clinton investigation. This was so damning Trump had no choice but to act decisively and remove Comey from office hurriedly. The director, who was giving a speech in Los Angeles, learned of his dismissal from a television playing in the background.

As reverberations from the Comey firing emanated late Tuesday, Trump and his sycophants were again caught off guard by not calculating the backlash from removing such a distinguished law enforcement official. Trump quickly dispatched his minions to try and bolster the supposed motivation for the termination by citing the Rosenstein memo.

This was flimsy at best and reeked of obfuscation. Trump doesn’t delegate well anyway and he certainly wasn’t going to take advice on this level from a newby like Rosenstein. The more obvious excuse was Trump became incensed from the testimony Monday by Sally Yates, the former acting U.S. attorney general, and James Clapper, former director of national intelligence. Both extremely credible sources with access and knowledge that poked holes in Trump’s story about Michael Flynn, the disgraced former national security advisor. Turns out Trump was warned of Flynn’s inconsistent behavior and that he was susceptible to corruption by Russian officials. For unexplained reasons Trump left Flynn in office after it became apparent of his unsuitability to serve for an additional 18 days, with full security clearance and access, before forcing his resignation.

In an effort to change these damaging headlines, Comey was terminated. In doing so the headlines worsened and enhanced due diligence was focused on investigating Russian ties with Trump associates.

What Trump didn’t want revealed was Comey came to Rosenstein the previous week to request greater assets for the FBI probe into Russian ties. That message was passed along to AG Jeff Sessions, who must recuse himself from all things Russian due to his own questionable contacts with Kremlin officials while serving on the Trump campaign, who then notified the president of Comey’s request.

Trump decided Comey needed to go and Rosenstein was tasked with drafting the memo justifying the action. The problem is if the Clinton inquiry was the supposed reasoning, Comey could have been fired in January. Why the sudden rush, especially when no replacement was selected. It didn’t scan as reasonable.

The optics and timing on this move were horrible. Further questioning revealed Comey was asked to swear a loyalty oath to Trump, which was declined. The FBI director could not be controlled by Trump and refused to cease the investigation into Russian contacts with White House associates so he was fired.

This comes on top of Yates being whacked for pushing the Flynn corruption case and refusing to enforce Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim travel ban, along with the sacking of 47 U.S. attorneys, including Preet Bharara, from the Southern District of New York, who was one of Wall Street’s fiercest watchdogs and most likely paid a price for keeping such a close vigil on the happenings at Trump Tower.

All of these dismissals scream “Cover Up!”

It appears likely Trump lied in his cover letter to Comey informing him of his termination, in which the president claims the former FBI director confirmed for the president on three separate occasions he was not a subject of the ongoing Russian probe. Why put that out there if not for misdirection. Trump and his team have been unable to adjust to adequately perform the duties of being president, and the man cannot let go of being slighted, but it seems many of his more damaging troubles go back to a refusal to turn over his income tax returns and the possibly unlawful contacts his administration has had with Russian officials.

Watching Trump try to spin his wheels to explain the specifics of the Comey firing is like watching a 12-year old who broke his mother’s lamp and ham-handedly duct taped it back together in hopes she might not notice.

Sorry Big Don everyone has noticed. The president lied blatantly in his tweet about Obama wiretapping his phones and Comey busted him for it.

Sadly, we’re past any of this Trump strongman stuff being funny. It has morphed into a scary abuse of power and a potential constitutional crisis as the president’s blatant personnel decisions are clearly being carried out to blunt inquiry into his administration’s collusion with Russia, and a case begins to be built for an obstruction of justice charge.

Trump’s approval numbers are down to 36 percent, and that sampling was collected before the Comey firing. Plus public belief in the ability of a Republican-controlled Congress are abysmal.

How this all unfolds is far from over, and we’re barely 100 days in from the start of this overmatched and unprepared administration. Already Trump is flailing about like a guy trying to ride a bull, one hand holding on tight as his ass is hanging out off the saddle. This president has the look he will crash land soon.

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