Trump is Heavy Load to Bear

I’ve never had a 240-pound weight attached to my leg while attempting to tread water, but two months into the Trump administration and it feels like The Donald is latched on tight, pulling the country under with each passing day.

The warning signs were everywhere during his run for the presidency, scattered like buckshot as a prelude to how awful this administration might be. There was his erratic behavior on the campaign trail, inciting violence amongst peaceful protestors, the grade school name-calling of opponents, sketchy business practices, tolerance of white supremacists, the debasing of women, and the stream-of-consciousness Twitter barrages.

Now one month into the Trump presidency and the unfortunate reality is these guys don’t got this. The spotlights are shining, it’s showtime baby, the ball is in the air but nobody is home. In fact maybe Trump & Co. should get some milk and cookies, get comfy on their blankies and watch an after-school special about how to get legislation passed.

[School House Rock | How A Bill Becomes A Law]

It’s disturbing to witness this buffoon insult our intelligence community, the legal system and members of Congress (all in like the first two weeks he’s taken office mind you) – yet he expects those communities to assist in his agenda. The man is a useful idiot at best, and at worst a menace to society. He blunders through uncomfortable mishaps with neither care, humility or embarrassment, much like Homer Simpson tending to a nuclear reactor. It’s a tragic affair.

Weeks after the inauguration we continue to see juvenile rants from Trump about his lower than expected crowd size. Doesn’t matter that he won the highest office in the land. The egomaniacal nature of this man can’t let go of a slight. Doubling down on this same sort of demented thought process, Trump has taken to alleging widespread voter fraud by 3-to-5 million people as his excuse for losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2.8 million ballots. Mind you there is no evidence. The election commission disputed this erroneous allegation and declared no such irregularities (and they would notice 5 million unlawful votes), but Trump expects special investigations be launched into these bogus claims.

I must admit from an ineptitude standpoint Trump is impressive. His national security advisor, Michael Flynn, almost lasted two weeks before having to resign for his illegal ties to foreign governments. Between Trump’s former advisors and current staff, like Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Jared & Ivanka and now Flynn – questionable illegal contacts with foreign governments by the Trump administration is a growing scandal.

Demonstrated xenophobia on the campaign trail morphed into a poorly conceived and horribly implemented travel ban that unlawfully persecuted individuals from Muslim countries. Thankfully the courts intervened to check Trump’s misguided racism. Yet hate crimes are up across America since Trump’s victory.

Trump trying to find his way out of the tall grass.

We’ve seen the administration swing and miss on an anti-terrorism raid in Yemen. The locals were tipped off and when special forces arrived a firefight ensued. One Navy Seal was killed, collateral damage resulted in the deaths of women and children, and a $75 million aircraft was destroyed.

Even how this joker chooses to work and relax can’t be simple. Between Melani Trump’s accommodations and security in New York, Trump Tower becoming a presidential stopping place and weekly trips to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump is setting records for travel expenses and crippling law enforcement with overtime fees to secure his whims.

So much for winning the presidency and staying at the White House busily doing the work of the people. Evidently golf takes precedence over governing for The Trumpster.

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