Orlando Weeping

PulseI want to pass along my sincere apology to Orlando for its subjection to the senseless gun violence that took place at the Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016.

That night 49 people were gunned down in the worst act of American terrorism since 9/11.

Acts like this are not supposed to happen, and certainly not in Orlando, home to the happiest place on earth, Disney World.

I can’t reconcile the depth of savagery and depravity on display inside Pulse. Whether gay, str8, queer, trans, butch, queen, curious or whatever – this was nondenominational, just a safe haven where folks could gather, play and love. Bullets have no place there.

I know Orlando some. I’ve spent time there. I have people there I love. It’s a bustling resort city, full of vibrant, creative individuals that bask in the glow of the Mouse.

My heartfelt condolences go out to those impacted directly and to all residing in the city. Guns, terrorism and a commitment to death have unleashed an unprecedented wave of idealistic carnage that serves to destabilize America’s fabric.

Let this be the moment when common-sense citizens declare enough is enough, and requires its elected officials stand against the NRA and demand enhanced gun control.

It will not fix everything magically, not with so many guns already flooding U.S. streets, but our government doesn’t need to stand by idly. There is no argument to make for not requiring background checks on everyone purchasing any kind of firearm at any location.

There is no need to market or sell assault weapons to the general public. Expanded magazines and military-grade hardware have no business being made easily available to untrained civilians.

There needs to be tougher standards and responsibilities that come with being a lawful gun owner. Anyone conducting themselves properly will have no problem purchasing a weapon. It just might not have armor-piercing capabilities.

The world is standing with Orlando and residents are bonding together regardless of orientation, as a means to cope and recover. Orlando will grow stronger, but with that will come another major city that has lost its innocence.

Recover or not, all residents will be forever changed. People will be more aware of their surroundings, observant of suspicious activity by others and cognizant of the closest exits near them when they are out at public events.

The NRA, it’s supporters and Republicans in large part like to argue that it’s the individual at fault in these incidences. That easy access to deadly weapons has no bearing, and that more people carrying guns would prevent acts such as the one at Pulse from having such high death counts.

It’s ludicrous. And they keep trying to sell this madness to people in their faces and many are stupid enough to keep buying it even though statistics indicate the more guns in a concentrated area the more crime occurs. The NRA argument is a more comfortable belief. If it were not to be true that would be complicated and scary.

This violence infects us all like a virus. The infection spreads and we are serving as our own hosts.

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