Not Mitt Romney – Say It Ain’t So

Romney 1Why am I having to hear Mitt Romney again?!? He has twice failed as a Republican candidate for president, yet out from the establishment shadows he crawled yesterday to call Donald Trump a phony, misogynist, bully, who threatens America’s future.

Whether you agree or not, the choice of messenger is highly questionable. In a year where outsider candidates are king and establishment figures are reviled – it seems pointless using a guy like Romney, who is Mr. Establishment.

I agree Trump is a train wreck, but Romney has no credibility to prosecute the case since he exhibited many of the same shortfalls during his own failed campaigns.

Yes, running for president is serious business and the Donald tends to exaggerate many of his so-called successes, but the Republican Party put itself into this predicament and it’s up to the voters to say who is best suited to take on the Democratic nominee.

As was on full display in the Republican debate Thursday evening, Trump has introduced a reprehensible crassness to the campaign that is part schoolyard bully and part isolationist pig.

Discussions of Little Rubio, Lyin’ Ted and the short-fingered vulgarian are an embarrassment to the Republican Party.

But you can’t trot out a Romney, who got dismantled by President Obama in the 2012 general election, to inform Republican voters that they are too stupid to recognize that Trump is a bum and the electorate needs to instead embrace the GOP’s new strategy of “Stop Trump.”

John Kasich is the only guy left running that has his respectability and is qualified to take on Hillary. But I find it a stretch that Romney can instruct Republicans to cast their ballots strategically in order to prevent Trump from getting the majority of delegates necessary.

Especially when the GOP then intends to steal the nomination from Trump and substitute a candidate of their choosing who may not even be in the race currently.

This once again is making the Democratic candidates look awful good, and that much harder to defeat in November.

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