Urban Llama Offers Safe Haven to AZ Llamas on the Loose

Hey Black Llama and White Llama, if all that running around is getting you down, find your way to the Bluegrass State and the Urban Llama can put you guys up till the heat is off.

In terms of full disclosure, I have a 2-year old daughter known as “Peanut,” or “The Nut” for short. She does bite occasionally, and has been known to pull the dog by her collar when the poor thing doesn’t follow the Nut’s instructions. Otherwise she is sweet and does like to pet animals profusely. I would bet good folding money that she tries to ride both you guys, but she has only the best intentions.

The Nut has two older brothers. One is 11 and is known as “Smelly Hobbit.” He lives like a bear in a cave, definitely could use more baths, gets food all over the place and has issues with coordination. If there is a flower on a carpet he’s liable to trip over it, but his heart is good and the boy loves all creatures, living or imaginary. Plus he has a high pain threshold.

Then there is “Fat Hobbit” who actually isn’t fat at all, but he so obviously hates being called Fat Hobbit that we consider it a term of endearment. He is 10, picky, moody, disagreeable, like a little woodland creature, but is an excellent artist and overall a very nice hobbit to have about.

Now we also have three cats and a dog, so lots of critters for you to bond with, just don’t eat any of them. As they say in Nemo, “fish are friends, not food.”

Aside from that it’s all gravy at our hacienda. Come on by and stay a spell. We’ll share some fine corn whiskey and tell tall tales about mountain high jinks… #LlamaDrama #LlamasontheLoose #LlamaLlamaDuck

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1 Response to Urban Llama Offers Safe Haven to AZ Llamas on the Loose

  1. Maia Langley says:

    Nice to read that Kentucky is open to accepting wild llamas…gotta love the Kentucky drink, too.

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