WEEK 18 (November 26-December 02)

Monday: YMCA for Ab workout; 45 minutes on Elliptical; 10 minutes in sauna; 20 minutes in steam room

Total Running Miles: 0

Weight: 193.8 (-16.6 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 29

Notes: I can think of tons of excuses for why I took this week off, but essentially I lost my mojo. I let stuff distract me and then I lost my will to get up and go workout. I am a creature of habit, and getting injured this last time really threw me off my routine. I had to scramble to find ways to cross-train to keep this program going in the right direction. Plus I’ve been keeping my food intake to a minimum, which has worked, as I’ve continued to keep over 15-pounds off my body, but all that takes a toll. I was just tired.

Unlike how I might have addressed taking a week off like this before, I’m not going to guilt myself and try and make up those lost sets by cramming them all into this week. I’m giving myself a break and going to pick up my routine on Tuesday morning and get back on track.

Now I have a month left. Nothing like a deadline to get things done. This should be an interesting final month. I need to drop 13.4 pounds to hit my goal.

I do like a challenge.

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