WEEK 6 (September 3-September 9)

Tuesday: Easy 3-mile run

Wednesday: D/O

Thursday: Easy 3-mile run

Saturday: Bike

Sunday: AB Ball workout; 3-rounds shadow boxing with hand weights and ankle weights; 3-rounds on heavy bag

Total Running Miles: 6

Weight: 202.5 (-7.9 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 113

Notes: Feeling better that is the headline. My knee hurt after the second run and I was pissed. These are simple 3-mile runs – what the hell?!? But I realized I had increased my mileage 100-percent from the prior week, going from 3-miles to 6-miles. Even at low mileage that is significant. So I backed off from running for the remainder of the week, did a bike and some impact cardio, and posted my lowest weigh-in total thus far.

Going forward I will adhere to the 10-percent rule, whereby until my body shows it can handle the wear and tear, I’m only going to increase my running miles by approximately 10-percent per week. Research shows that doing this helps acclimate the body to the pounding.

My food was considerably better this week; no fast food; did my shopping; cooked at home; drank my water; even used a food scale to weigh-out some of my portion sizes. I’m still working to eat earlier; manage portion control; keep junk out of my diet; and eat lean.

Going into my 7th week, this has been a bumpy ride, but my weight loss is averaging out to around one pound per week – which is a healthy, sustainable decline.

It ain’t pretty but I’m staying after it.

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