What I Need to Hear from Democrats

The Democratic National Convention kicked off Tuesday in Charlotte with 64-days remaining before the presidential election.

The quick synopsis of night one is the Democratic convention is better run, has better energy and presented a more attractive message than anything the Republicans had to offer in Tampa.

There were three speeches last night alone – Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and Michelle Obama – that were each better than any speech given by the Republicans. It wasn’t even close.

They were personal, had flow, made a true connection and they weren’t just being read off a Teleprompter. These were their histories and beliefs. It was honest, something I never felt watching Mitt Romney and his crew.

Michelle Obama rocked the house. Wow, what a dress! She should consider running for office.

The GOP better hope swing voters are watching the NFL game tonight instead of Bill Clinton, because Democrats are presenting a better narrative and have a more connective message.

Barack Obama already holds an insurmountable lead over Romney in terms of likeability. It’s the economy that is bringing him down.

Here is a simple message that Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republicans will be pushing between now and November that will give Democrats their biggest challenge.

Under President Obama the United States has run over a $1 trillion debt for four straight years.

Combine that with the results from a recent NBC News/The Wall Street Journal poll that showed less than one-third of Americans think the country is going in the right direction.

Take away all the fancy campaign ads and this is a very simple argument that Romney can get across easily and it is completely accurate.

Now the president inherited a horrible economy no doubt. I fully understand taking a year or two to dig out, but running deficits like that for four years is legitimately questionable.

Also, Republicans obstructed several measures Democrats wanted to pass that likely would have helped, but regardless, Obama got through his health care plan, all the bailouts and we’re still struggling.

A recent Congressional Budget Office report warned that a “fiscal cliff” is approaching. Millions of jobs could be lost in 2013 if the gross domestic product in America falls by even 0.5 percent.

Democrats share a responsibility for this deficit and need to explain its purpose succinctly before the convention ends.

Ultimately this campaign is about the economy, jobs, and the deficit.

I would like to see Democrats make a brief display of how severe the financial picture was in America when President Bush left office in 2008. Show the job losses, deficit, banking and auto industry situation, then note improvements over the last four years, which there are many. This should be irrefutable.

Then address the deficit straight up. Don’t dance around what had to be paid for. Explain how to balance the budget, and how Democrats plan to cut the deficit.

If this can’t be explained then Democrats are in trouble because health care, gay marriage and abortion rights are ancillary issues.

Most likely a case needs to be made for why the Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire. Asking the wealthy to pay less and in return expect them to invest that money in their businesses is flawed. We’ve seen what they do with their tax cut money during these depressed financial days – they hoard it. If you give the wealthy the chance to pay less that is exactly what they will do – maximize their profits.


Paul Ryan’s mentor, Jack Kemp, convinced President Ronald Reagan to try trickle down, and after it ran up huge deficits, Reagan introduced one of the largest tax increases in American history.

Obama needs to make the case that if we want America to grow and prosper then the tax cuts must go.

It also is incumbent that all individuals live within their means and not charge huge debts on credit cards. Simply look at the number of storage facilities in every town. If you have so much junk that you need a separate facility to store it in, then something is out of whack.

This doesn’t need to be a sacrifice so much as we all need to re-evaluate our priorities and downsize our lives to live within our means.

This is where Obama needs to show his leadership ability. Show Americans how to get our runaway debt under control, balance the budget, create jobs, and that will improve the economy.

If Obama can state this case convincingly, then his accomplishments in health care, taking care of the troops, establishing tax cuts for small businesses, gay marriage, being a staunch supporter of a woman’s right to choose, passing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” killing Osama bin Laden, and ending the war in Iraq will shine as glowing accomplishments that are leading America in the right direction.

The big difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney is Obama takes it personally that people are suffering in America. He has a vision, has a plan, and can specifically detail how it works and how it will be funded.

Romney and the Republicans only have rhetoric, further tax cuts and gutting Medicare. It’s regressive policy.

Bring on Bill Clinton tonight and Joe Biden and President Obama Thursday. This looks to be a decisive three days for the Democrats.

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  1. Michelle should totally pull a Hillary. Vote Obama in 2016!

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