WEEK 5 (August 27-September 2)

Tuesday: D/O

Wednesday: D/O

Friday: Easy 3-mile run

Saturday: D/O

Sunday: D/O

Total Running Miles: 3

Weight: 205.4 (-5 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 120

Notes: Definitely more humble this week. My ankle remained swollen into mid-week, so I waited until Friday to run. That was the first day nothing hurt while just sitting around. The run was fine, and I did it without a problem, just sloppy. I should have gotten out more this week. I’m looking to hit two to three runs this coming week.

In total it was 14-days between my last run. That is plenty of time to slide back and get comfortable on the couch instead of going for a run, and I did some of that.

My food was bad this week; I tried the new Buffalo Wild Wings location; hit Taco John’s for Taco Tuesday; Buddy’s Pizza; and Friday was a Captain D’s night. A lot of that was convenience. It got late and those were fast, cheap meals. I need better preparation this week to have meals that are home-cooked and more balanced.

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