Imperial Teen Sing Runaway

From left: Roddy Bottum, Lynn Perko Truell, Will Schwartz and Jone Stebbins, who make up Imperial Teen.

I hate it when I’m looking around for a song and can’t find the one I need.

I’ve been working on a mix and needed to fill a hole; something indie/alternative, that could blend with a trancy/house atmosphere, along with straight techno, but provided more standard song structure.

Then I found the right tune. There were several that would have bridged the two songs around it, but they weren’t quite right.

The song is Runaway, from the CD Feel The Sound, which came out in January, by Imperial Teen, a San Francisco post-grunge pop band.

This isn’t a huge song by any means, but a fun summer tune. Just simple pleasure.

Guitarist and vocalist, Roddy Bottum, also is an alum of the alternative metal band Faith No More, which surprised me.

Imperial Teen is perhaps better recognized for their 1999 hit Yoo Hoo, which appeared on the soundtrack to Jawbreaker, starring Marilyn Manson’s ex, Rose McGowan.

This is a pretty hot video: Imperial Teen – Yoo Hoo

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