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Iowa serves its purpose to thin the herd – bring on New Hampshire

Hats off to the voters of Iowa. After a year of blather from candidates across the board in both parties, it took the Iowa Caucuses, the nation’s first presidential nominating contest, to hone the focus of the campaign and clear … Continue reading

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Grab the Jell-O, the Iowa Caucuses Kick Monday

Welcome to Iowa! Every four years the country turns its attention to the Hawkeye State as it serves as the first nominating contest in the race for America’s chief executive. The spectacle of baby kissing and political promises from presidential … Continue reading

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Iowa professor scorches earth beneath his feet

An interesting sidebar to the never-ending Republican presidential primary, is the flap over an essay Stephen Bloom wrote for The Atlantic, where he questioned Iowa’s lofty status as the first state in the nation to cast votes for who will run for president. [Read: … Continue reading

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