Blue Wave Election Lifts Democrats to Re-Take the House

Voters erected a blue roadblock across Pennsylvania Avenue on Nov. 6, as Democrats swept to victory from coast-to-coast in record numbers, wresting control from Republicans of the House of Representatives.

Two years of an avalanche presidency was enough for the American people. The lies, mismanagement, race baiting, and Russian collusion wore people out. For four years not a day passed without a national debate raging over the most recent jackass maneuver Trump perpetrated. It wears a country out, so a check was placed on his questionable decision making.

Counter to advertising, Trump is not the sharpest negotiator in the swamp of Washington. It’s doubtful he recognized how difficult his political future would soon become. With Republicans no longer holding unified control a raw animosity waited to greet Trump.

Complicating matters for this misogynist White House was the historic number of women elected this midterm – 127 in total, 25 in the Senate and 102 in the House. This represents a 23.7 percent share of the total seats in the 116th U.S. Congress, up from 20.6.

These talented females enthusiastically took on Trump symbolically with each sitting Republican faced. Exit polling showed women made up 52 percent of the overall electorate, and they went Democratic. This feels like a natural progression of the manifestation of energy generated from the #MeToo movement and a backlash against the numerous examples of abuse suffered by women at the hands of male staff members in the Trump administration.

Several elections, especially in California, were too close to call on election night. Recounts by hand in some districts dragged on for weeks, but the Blue Wave kept climbing to unexpected heights.

Democrats needed 23 seats to re-take the House. On average the net gain for opposition parties in midterms was 29. The Dems won 40. They flipped 29 Republican incumbents and picked up 14 open seats. The GOP only found three open seats to take off the board. An eery takeaway for the president and any Republican up for election next year was how many losing GOP incumbents were in districts that voted heavily for Trump.

In the last weeks of the campaign The Donald brazenly took the reins from the Republican National Committee and its sitting members, against any reasonable political advise, and publicly made the case that Tuesday’s vote was a referendum on him.

Some 113 million Americans, 49 percent of eligible voters, indicated the president had earned a questionable grade by firing droves of Republican incumbents in the People’s Chamber.

True several high-profile Democratic Senate candidates did lose races, but the margin of control remains slim, 53-47, with VP Mike Pence sitting on the shelf in his elf hat, golden hammer at the waiting to break any tie votes.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-12), quickly solidified her power base, in preparing to ascend to the Speakership with a familiar agility. Ms. Pelosi walked in like a boss, standing tall in her role representing the people’s will. I get the feeling Trump hasn’t been told “NO” a lot. Hearing it from Pelosi should be exquisitely painful.

As the number of arrests of Trump loyalists pile up, and it becomes more obvious how neglectful Republicans were of their oversight authority, the faster subpoenas will fly from Democratic committee chairs to haul these suspects before Congress, where most have already lied once.

Tuesday’s election signaled the end of Trump’s crack smoke ideas getting run up the flag pole without pushback. The president might want to check his fearmongering. Nancy don’t play. She done thrown away the GOP’s cowardly rubber stamp.

The resistance has arrived.

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