The Trump Perplexity

unknown“You like that airplane right,” Donald Trump rhetorically boasted at a campaign rally. “Made in America, Boeing, made in America,” The Donald went on, as he showed off his emblazoned “TRUMP” custom jumbo jet parked behind the podium.

Make no mistake, this campaign is all about Trump. Forget any sentiment regarding the electorate, America or betterment of anyone other than The Donald. It’s about his narcissism and the Trump name as a brand.  Those looking for substantive policy proposals can shop elsewhere.

The sum of what the people have been offered thus far from the GOP nominee is his version of the Big Swindle. After more than a year on the campaign trail it’s blatantly clear The Donald can pitch a product. Whether it be airlines, steaks, wine, clothing, furniture, buildings or his supposed bastion of higher education, Trump University. You name it and there’s a good chance Trump has tried slapping his name on it.

Now the real estate mogul is pitching U.S. voters his bleak vision of a failed America in the same fashion. Trump’s candidacy is promising big gains in prosperity, with limited risk. The caveat – just don’t ask the Trump campaign “how” any of his promises might get accomplished. It’s the hard sell. Better buy into his candidacy or Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s disgraced former campaign manager, will drop by to give your arm a twist.

Lacking any true depth or humility, Trump is an aspirational candidate, that many look upon with dollar signs, like a lottery ticket. His degenerate spin on living the luxurious life combined with people’s hunger for fame and wealth have created this dangerous perception that a vote for Trump will magically transfer bags of money to his less fortunate supporters.

“You like that airplane,” Trump asked the crowd again.

I understand the Hillary fatigue. She is not new, shiny or convincing. The e-mail controversy stemming from the Benghazi attack continues to unfold. Worse for Clinton is that when given a forum to be contrite and accepting of criticism leveraged against her conduct, the former Secretary of State allows her ego to get the better of her, and she tends to double down that no wrongdoing occurred under her watch.

That just isn’t correct. She and Bill are both sketchy – but in terms of substance and commitment to country, there isn’t a question that Clinton is the candidate best suited to guide America forward in this current turbulent time.

I’m angry with everyone else about the plight of the American worker, the outsourcing of jobs, tax breaks to big corporations and 40 years of declining wages. There is a massive underemployment problem in America and the economic recovery from 2009 is tepid at best.

“Hey what have you got to lose!?,” Trump likes to ask potential African-American voters.

Quite a bit it turns out. Freedom is hard. It’s an inconvenient truth that with an open society comes hate, bigotry and a host of unfortunate misdeeds committed by those that wish to take advantage of our protected rights. It has been a long, slow climb back to respectability for America from the damage inflicted by the last Republican president, George W. Bush. President Obama returned America’s dignity and steered our country back into the light. That work is not complete and now surely is not the moment to give the reigns over to a knuckle-dragging Luddite such as Donald Trump.

It’s not like The Donald suddenly grew a conscience. He is running for president because he thinks it’s a good investment. His campaign is simply a pitch, to get the people to give him the okay to use the country as a capital investment. Look at all his other ventures and listen to those who were involved. It always sounded great on the front end when Trump made his pitch, but once profits were maximized, Trump tends to disappear, the investment in question founders, and then fails.

It’s not calculable the damage The Donald could cause to America. “Just believe me,” is the weak basis behind any Trump proposed policy solution. Yes, there is “Make America Great Again,” but the delivery mechanism, the mechanics of how that could occur under a Trump administration is no deeper than “trust me, I got this.” That is a very similar promise that was heard from guys like Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and the rest of George W. Bush’s cronies in the ramp-up to the Iraq War.

America continues to pay for the deceit and outright lies told by Republicans leading to the Iraq invasion, and for the nefarious handling of matters during it. Yeah, trust them… They got thousands of American men and women killed unnecessarily.

Think back to how massive a lightening rod Bush made our troops and America with his nationalistic saber-rattling about “bring it on” to enemy combatants. That ill-advised comment, along with the premature and reckless declaration made aboard an aircraft carrier of “Mission Accomplished,” both from 2003, directly put U.S. troops in greater peril.

Considering the rhetoric and lack of intellectual knowledge exhibited by Donald Trump throughout his campaign, we can only expect worse from a Trumpster presidency.

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