Trump Stampedes to Victory in Nevada

Nevada TrumpIt appears voters are more than ever falling in love with the idea of Donald Trump rolling to the White House and supposedly bringing his supporters along for the ride to the land of where billionaires roam.

With the Trump name glowing from atop the candidate’s glitzy Vegas hotel casino, last night Sin City favorite Donald Trump won his third state in a row, garnering 46 percent of the vote in the Nevada caucus, doubling the vote count of his nearest rival.

Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) and Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) are still fighting it out for second place, but it’s too close to call.

I get the anger. I do. Promise after promise has been made by politicians to the American people and nothing changes. But dropping the bar to where a guy like Trump, who has insulted and bullied everything in his path to becoming a frontrunner for his party’s nomination, only sets our country back further.

This is like in 2012 when Mitt Romney was trying to run as the candidate that would return life to the way it was portrayed on Andy Griffith in the land of Mayberry.

The genie is out of the bottle folks. We do have a large immigrant population, and their culture is being added to the mixing bowl that is America.

Gay, straight, gender neutral, gender bending and gender change is all real. Same sex marriage is becoming a norm, and that’s okay.

We don’t need to disrespect the American flag or the U.S. Constitution by building a wall across the country’s borders. Nor do we need to live in fear behind that wall of terrorists coming to invade.

That is cheap fear mongering churned up by a reality television performer, who is profiting from the misfortunes of those Americans not responding well to a changing world and who are ill-prepared to compete locally in a global economy.

The entrance polls from Nevada show Trump won majorities across the board, from conservatives to moderates, he took all of Cruz’s evangelical votes, and won a majority of Hispanic support. He won with the highly educated and those only attending high school.

“I love the poorly educated,” declared Trump during his acceptance speech.

Cruz and Rubio appear happy to follow the flawed logic that they should attack one another instead of going after the frontrunner.

That is allowing Trump to quickly build an insurmountable delegate lead.

Cruz was again injured this week by having to fire his communications director for dirty campaigning. While Rubio clearly is not saying anything contradictory about Trump, to avoid becoming a target and to position himself as the Donald’s vice presidential pick.

More and more it looks like what pundits and reporters refused to acknowledge is obvious – not only is Donald Trump a serious candidate, but for all intensive purposes the Republican nomination process is over and has been for a month now.

It all comes down to Super Tuesday next week. If the polling holds true, Trump will sweep the majority of those states and secure the GOP nomination for president.

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