Seed Art from Daviess County Shows Students Harvesting their Best

IMG_0645Superintendent Owens Saylor, with the Daviess County public schools, spent over 340 hours visiting classrooms during the 2014-15 school year to observe the conditions of the classroom and ensure the necessary nutrients were available in terms of learning tools, for students to flourish and produce the best growth opportunity.

This initiative was termed “Conditions in the Soil,” as a way to compare how crops more easily reach their growth potential when they are planted in a rich and fertile growing environment – similar to how students can increase their learning when given the necessary tools.

The opening day theme for the Daviess County 2015-16 school year was “DCPS – Harvesting the Best,” to make a point of acknowledging their talented instructors and students.

IMG_0638This tagline tied in nicely with an agricultural art project the students designed and produced for the festivities surrounding the new school year, entitled “Seed Art.” Local farmers and businesses donated seed samples of all varieties for the students to utilize in constructing colored landscape images, still life settings, and scenes from the farm – all made out of seeds.

The “Seed Art” project represents Daviess County’s rich agricultural history and the success and potential growth for students in their county schools when “Conditions in the Soil” are at their highest level.

Come check out the “Seed Art” images in the Field Seed & Grain section of the West Wing Hall.

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