Nach Bar in Louisville

Nach Bar 1To be perfectly honest we were originally headed over to the venerable dive, Check’s, on a recent evening out in Germantown, but they were still closed for remodeling. No worries, just down the way is the excellent neighborhood hipster joint, the Nach Bar.

It’s a drinking bar with a solid beer menu, scoring a 93 (outstanding) from the BeerAdvocate. Whether you are into hoppy IPAs, imports or Sterling, it is available and often on tap at the Nach Bar.

This joint gets full at night, especially on the weekends. Often there is a live music angle or DJs. There are a few tables and bench seating at times, along with a fantastic patio area.

It just seemed like a blue-collar kind of afternoon, so we went classic with a couple rounds of Boilermakers. Budweiser with a shot of Maker’s Mark to be exact. While hanging out two DJs showed up and started spinning metal tunes. It seemed perfectly bizarre yet normal.

I quickly realized that if we went for another round, which I really would have enjoyed, we would likely still be at the Nach Bar, and that is the beauty of this gem. It’s the kind of place where great ideas are hatched, world problems are solved and questionable decision making is on full display. Loved it as always – Cheers Nach Bar!

Nach Bar | 969 Charles Street | Louisville, KY | 502-637-4377

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