The Louisville Zoo Is Looking Wild


Zoo 1With warmer temps finally taking away some of the sting from winter, I’ve made two trips to the Louisville Zoo over the last couple weeks to get the kids outside to enjoy some sunshine.

I honestly can’t say the last time I visited this neighborhood treasure. If I had to guess, I would say Ronald Reagan was still president. It really has grown into a pleasant zoo. We walked the entire oblong circular path, seeing almost every attraction within a few hours one afternoon. The trees have grown in nicely, and once fully in bloom, provide a canopy of shade to protect visitors during the hot summer months.

Zoo 3Currently they have installed the Big Big Bugs exhibit, featuring much larger than life bug replicas, some the size of small buses. They are sprinkled throughout the park, and each comes with its own atmospheric soundtrack, so when you happen upon the giant Tarantula you can hear the background environment where it might be found in the wild. The scorpion is particularly bad ass. Some are a tad creepy, but they do make excellent landmarks for meeting up with friends and family.

The zoo has done a fantastic job of blending in fabricated tin shacks and old vehicles, to give the buildings some character and mystery. It feels a bit like Jurassic Park, but well-intentioned and plays well for atmosphere.

Zoo 4The aquarium and other water-related tanks are multi-tiered, for viewing of animals under water, at play on the water’s surface, or you can watch the bears out on the rocks if you hike to the top-level.

For kids there is the rope course and splash park, and if you have toddlers, the playground offers a respite to sit while your critters can run like mad in a controlled environment. There is a carousel, and the train ride is worth the $3.50, to get a seated perspective of the entire park.

If you are looking for an afternoon of adventure and exercise give the Louisville Zoo spin.

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