WEEK 14 (October 29-November 04)

Tuesday: 3.5-Mile Run (Treadmill)

Wednesday: Weight machine workout; Easy 3-Mile Run

Total Running Miles: 6.5

Weight: 195.4 (-15 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 57

Notes: This week started OK, but ended with me injuring my right ankle. It’s more stress related than being from an actual incident. I was at a choir concert wearing some dead running shoes, and had to stand the whole time while holding the baby. The next morning my ankle was swollen the size of a golf ball at the ankle joint. There is something in there from an old injury that gets tweaked off at the strangest things.

I’ve definitely hit a plateau on my weight loss. I’m going to take a moment to heal my ankle and get my head around dropping my food intake and probably having to count calories in order to hit my weight goal. I’m all good with taking my distance runs higher, plus adding in a fourth day of running per week. Now I need to keep myself healthy while decreasing my food.

I was tired this week from the start. It’s been a long couple weeks with doing two-a-days and upping my mileage consistently, plus the weight lifting. I could use a week off to get healed up and let the work I’ve done sink in – then make the final push.

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