WEEK 11 (October 08-October 14)

Tuesday: Weight machine workout; 15-minutes in steam room; Easy 3-Mile Run

Wednesday: Free-weight workout; 10-minutes in sauna/10-minutes in steam room; Three reps each of Sit-ups/Push-ups/6″/Extreme/Medicine ball reverse crunches; 3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag

Thursday: D/O

Friday: 3-Mile Run

Saturday: Combo weight machine and free weight workout; 15-minutes in sauna/15-minutes in steam room

Sunday: 6-Mile Run

Total Running Miles: 12

Weight: 195.8 (-14.6 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 78

Notes: This was a rough week. I hit my weight mark, losing 1.8 pounds, but I consciously didn’t eat certain things, and limited my portion amounts. I was hovering around 198 much of the week, in perfect striking distance for 195. I did two-a-days twice to shock my system, and it worked. I even saw 194 briefly.

All my runs were strong. The 6-miler Sunday was particularly hilly. I hit the weights three times this week and it feels like it. I’m also spending at least 15-minutes in the sauna or steam room afterwards, which feels great, but can put the whack on me.

My food was good this week. No eating out except for Saturday and that was Thai food.

My workout base is solid at this point, now I will start adding some intensity to my workouts to increase their potency and ensure that I continue to drop weight. Soon I will add a fourth day of running.

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