WEEK 10 (October 01-October 07)

Tuesday: Weight machine workout @ YMCA; Easy 3-Mile Run

Wednesday: D/O

Thursday: D/O

Friday: 3-Mile Run

Saturday: Weight machine workout @ YMCA

Sunday: Three reps each of Teaser/V-up/Straight-leg twisting crunch/Seated criss-cross/Ankle-weighted reverse crunches/3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag; 4-Mile Run

Total Running Miles: 10

Weight: 197.6 (-12.8 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 85

Notes: This was kind of a tweener week. On the plus side I added in a couple weight workouts at the YMCA. Those felt good. I also got my running miles back up into the double digits. I intended to double up my usual cardio workouts with what I did at the YMCA, but schedules didn’t comply, so I feel like I missed an opportunity to make a bigger cut at my weight goal.

I weighed in less than I did the week before, but not even by a full pound. I’ll take the symbolic victory, but making weight is getting harder no doubt. I’m not popping up above 200 lbs. anymore, but to keep the scale continually moving downward I’ve got to schedule my time better in order to hit my workouts when I have the availability, along with watching my food consumption closer.

I did OK on my nutrition during the week, but we had family gatherings Friday and Saturday to celebrate the boys performance in “Tom Sawyer.” This had me eating beef stew, pasta, fried chicken, potato salad, mashed potatoes, beer, and wine; then Sunday I went to Matt’s to watch football after my workouts and had chili, beer and a whiskey.

It wasn’t awful, and most of it was the result of special occasions, but it didn’t help either. I’m aiming to hit 195 pounds this coming week – with the help of a 5-mile long run.

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