WEEK 9 (September 24-September 30)

Tuesday: Easy 3-Mile Run

Wednesday: Three reps each of Teaser/V-up/Straight-leg twisting crunch/Seated criss-cross/Ankle-weighted reverse crunches/3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag

Thursday: D/O

Friday: 3-Mile Run

Saturday: Three reps each of Sit-ups/Push-ups/6″/Extreme/Medicine ball reverse crunches; 3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag

Sunday: AB Ball workout (High-chest AB crunches/90 degree toe touches/Reverse crunches/Leg raises/Opposite knee crunches/Twists/Plank/Bicycles); 3-rounds shadow boxing/3-rounds on heavy bag; 2.5-Mile Run

Total Running Miles: 8.5

Weight: 198.2 (-12.2 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 92

Notes: As the old Chicago song goes, “I’m feeling stronger every day.” I hit my marks on all workouts. Definitely starting to see and feel the benefits of my cardio routines, as my upper body is getting better defined and lean. I’m starting to see increases in set reps as I’m getting comfortable and able to attack the individual routines instead of just surviving them.

I’m stronger out on the road. I know I’m trying to drop weight, so I’m starting to push the pace on my runs. My body seems to be holding well – I’ll start stretching past the 3-mile mark and slowly add a fourth day of running to my routine.

There were some Hostess offenses this week. I bought some individually wrapped coffee cakes, which are not too awful, 150 calories a pop. Maia brought in a box of King Dongs, 160 calories each, and I let a lemon fruit pie sneak in while buying bread at the Butternut store. It could be worse. There was no fast food. It’s the fruit pie that was particularly bad. That thing has like 480 calories. I had some barbecue earlier in the week, otherwise I ate lean and portion controlled. Good water intake.

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