WEEK 7 (September 10-September 16)

Tuesday: Easy 3-mile run (28:05)

Wednesday: D/O

Friday: D/O

Saturday: Three reps each of sit-ups/push-ups/6″/Extreme/medicine ball reverse crunches; 3-rounds shadow boxing with hand weights and ankle weights/3-rounds on heavy bag; Ran 1-mile @ tempo speed

Sunday: Easy 3-mile run; Three reps each of teaser/V-up/straight-leg twisting crunch/ankle-weighted reverse crunches/3-rounds shadow boxing with hand weights and ankle weights/3-rounds on heavy bag

Total Running Miles: 7

Weight: 201.1 (-9.3 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 106

Notes: Good week of training. Excellent workout Sunday. I did my run in the early afternoon, then pushed a baby stroller around for four hours at the Josephine Sculpture Park’s Fall Festival > returned home around 8:00 p.m. and did my cardio work and boxing. That last part wasn’t fun, but it was a sweet double dip.

Increasing my running distance by 10-percent is working so far. It was weird to go out and only run one mile on Saturday, especially after I had been off since Tuesday. I felt rested and could have run longer, but I shut it down. It throws me off only doing this much exercise. There is enough of a break in between runs that I procrastinate. I should have squeezed this 1-mile run in on Thursday or Friday, but between the baby not cooperating and schedules running late I had to back it up on my Sunday run.

This week I’m going to try inserting cardio workouts for where my future runs will be once I’m able to complete a full schedule. I need something in place to keep me from mentally taking too much time off.

My food was decent, but there was a Taco Tuesday indulgence and a Buddy’s Pizza (that was delicious). I’m starting to get my portions back down to where I want them. Water intake was steady.

I’m beginning to see flashes of life below 200 pounds. Hoping to hit that steady this week.

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