WEEK 4 (August 20-August 26)

Monday: D/O

Tuesday: D/O

Wednesday: D/O

Thursday: D/O

Friday: D/O

Saturday: D/O

Sunday: D/O

Total Running Miles: 0

Weight: 204.2 (-6.2 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 127

Notes: Man that sure is a depressing score card. The injury that began last Friday was significant enough that I ended up taking 10-days off to give my knee a chance to recuperate. I was hobbling pretty bad early in the week. To compensate for my knee I started landing funny on my foot, which caused my right ankle to swell and become painful.

With ice and Advil daily things were much better by Friday. I could have run Sunday, but why mess with a good thing. I’m going to keep to my schedule, take Monday as a rest day and crank everything back up Tuesday. How many days I run and how far will be determined one run at a time. It may take a week or two in order to regain my previous levels.

I took the week off from being as conscious about what I ate too – and only gained one pound back. There were chicken wings Friday night, a party Saturday where I drank my calories, and Skyline chili Sunday to help with my hangover. It gets serious again come Monday.

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