WEEK 3 (August 13-August 19)

Tuesday: 5-mile run in 47:33

Wednesday: Easy 3-mile run

Friday: Easy 3-mile run

Saturday: D/O (Injury – Right Knee)

Sunday: D/O (Injury – Right Knee)

Total Running Miles: 11

Weight: 203.2 (-7.2 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 134

Notes: Injured. This is my first real setback. It feels like a tendon is strained in my right knee. It’s noticeably painful to close and extend my right leg. Going into this third week I was definitely feeling the pounding from the two prior weeks of workouts. Even with days off and rest my body still felt fatigued.

Tuesday I went on a 5-mile run with Matt. This was the farthest I’ve run in nine months, so it was challenging, especially the hill on Wilkinson Blvd. at 3.2-miles.

Friday I procrastinated until 7:30 to do my run. Almost too late, but finally trudged out there. On the positive, even though I was going slow I could tell I had some reserve power in my legs. I didn’t tap into it since I already was sore and had two more days of exercise coming.

In retrospect that Friday run may have been more damaging than I thought. It was after that when my right knee got pissed. I got up at 5:00 a.m. Saturday to ice it and took some Advil.

I elected to take Saturday off in hopes of salvaging my Sunday run. Instead I went to the Salato Wildlife Center and walked around for 90 minutes pushing a baby stroller to see how my knee responded. By the end it wasn’t hurting, but it tightened back up that night.

Sunday the knee hurt the same; didn’t want to chance running on it. I took the boys out to Elkhorn Creek, where I waded gingerly on the creek’s rocky bottom without significant pain. I’m going to try resting my knee till Tuesday and see.

Water intake was good. Ate two Hostess products this week – that finished off my stash. The Chinese food Friday and Saturday wasn’t exactly healthy, but there were vegetables involved. I did manage to eat slightly earlier this week.

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