WEEK 2 (August 06-August 12)

Tuesday: 3-mile run

Wednesday: Sit-ups/push-ups/teaser/reverse crunch/3-rounds weighted shadow boxing; 3-rounds on bag; 4-mile run

Friday: Easy 3-mile run

Saturday: Biked 13.2-miles in 1:13:07

Sunday: Ran 4-miles in 37:47

Total Running Miles: 14

Weight: 205.2 (-5.2 lbs.)

Training Days Remaining: 141

Notes: This was a humbling week. Coming into my run Tuesday my body didn’t feel rested. I was sore, achy and stiff. Wednesday was a brutal run. My right ankle was pissed.

I maximized my days off, but ate too much. I’m still working through my stash of Hostess snacks. Only two left.

The bike was wicked good this time, but Saturday was the first day I felt like not exercising. I guilted myself onto my bike. It was a weekend day and I had all day to get a workout done. Not doing it was unacceptable.

My friend Matt ran with me Sunday which provided a boost. Both of us were beat up, but by running together we pushed through the distance faster than had we run separately.

One adjustment for me is going to be trimming the cardio-strength workouts. Those can go for an hour or more, and tacked on top of a run, makes the overall workout two-plus hours. That’s too long to sustain. I’ll do the full cardio-strength workouts on the weekends, and maybe one day during the week.

On the plus side my will was strong. The nagging concern I have is whether my body will cooperate with this workout plan. I’m waiting to see if I need to keep my distances stagnant for another week or two, so my body can acclimate to the stress before making any increases. I don’t want an injury. Look for 10-percent mileage increases if all goes well.

I did a good job of drinking my 8+ cups of water per day. I fell prey to eating pizza for dinner on Friday and breakfast Saturday, and there were pancakes Sunday. I need to work on not eating too late. A couple nights I didn’t have dinner until 10:00 p.m. Weekends are dangerous and I need to keep in mind what I’m trying to achieve.

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