Return to the Bluegrass

Crossing the Kentucky border as I traveled north from New Orleans. It's good to be home!

The Llama has left the building. Yes after some wanton recklessness, questionable decision making and ongoing personal issues, the Llama has moved his bag of tricks from New Orleans home to Kentucky. Not sure of my plans yet or the duration of my stay, but nice to be around family, friends and familiar pets at this time. Life is an adventure, and as the Grateful Dead alluded, “It’s a long strange trip.”

Since Hurricane Katrina, in 2005, life has been in constant flux, especially the time between finishing grad school at the University of Iowa in 2009, returning to New Orleans and now departing the Crescent City once again – just one lengthy blur of motion. That being said, while I feel I’ve taken a few body shots, I continue to look at life as a series of opportunities, with each day offering a new set of rabbit holes waiting to be explored. As fellow Kentuckian, Hunter S. Thompson said, “Buy the ticket take the ride.”

I’m not sure where I’ll land next, all I can say is Kentucky is a good fit for me right now. After some healing and getting my legs steady I’ll be ready for the adventure to continue. For the time beingĀ I’m going to play catch-up. Look for a run of tidbits from my last few months in and around New Orleans. Going forward, I’m excited at the prospect of exploring all the dives, music, food and characters the Bluegrass has to offer.

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