Bayou Delight

While off the beaten path, the eats at Bayou Delight are well worth the drive into Cajun country.

On our travels we passed a Cajun roadside restaurant called Bayou Delight,, I asked Black about it and he said that’s the best around — and he was right. This is some of the finest food I’ve ever had the pleasure to eat. It’s nothing but comfortable inside, ESPN was on and a bunch of locals were hanging around talking, but English was the second language. Everyone was speaking Cajun French. It was awesome!

Now this is good eating in the neighborhood!

With appetizers like fried crab claws, crawfish kickers and shrimp en brochette, along with tempting classic Cajun dishes such as stuffed softshell crabs, alligator sauce piquante and shrimp Acadiana, making a decision was wicked hard. I knew this would be a ton of food, and heavy, so I stayed away from the appetizers and went with a house special, Catfish Crochet. These were thin catfish fillets, delicately fried and topped with a decadently creamy shrimp Acadiana sauce. It was insane!

To top off my adventure into Cajun country, a large religious group came in from Canada mostly, but had members from all over the world. They came to New Orleans to assist for a week with rebuilding houses after Katrina. This was merely a day trip to show them some indigenous culture out of the urban areas. It just so happened one couple had a son that was just starting his first year at the University of Iowa – of which I am an alumni twice over. Go Hawks! I had a great chat with a gentleman and his wife about Iowa City, Big Ten college towns and the plethora of drinking establishments basically on Iowa’s campus – all of which was translated into French for others in the restaurant to hear. Hilarious!

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