The llama is off the leash

The prep is finally done and the paint is almost dry — “Let the Llama loose” is the cry heard round the living room! I’ve been slow getting this animal off and running due to my technology handicap, and difficulty figuring out how to map my Llama URL through WordPress, but Mïa and Cliff have been instrumental in making this happen. My many thanks go out to them both! Drinks are on me when we see each other next.

I’m also involved in this reality television project, which has become life consuming. We’ll talk more about this in the very near future. Suffice to say it has curtailed my time and vision for figuring out the minutia of blog technology. Regardless, the Llama has overcome and is prepared for launch. There may be some turbulence at the beginning, so grab your knickers gents and hold tight, the fun is about to begin…

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